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Duplo DF-1000 Paper folding Machine

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Duplo DF-1000 Paper folding Machine
  • Suction Feed
  • 1000 sheet feed table
  • 14,400 sheets per hour
  • 50-200gsm stock
  • Paper sizes min 120x182mm (B6)
  • Paper sizes max 297x432mm (A3)
  • Dimensions (DxWxH) 534x1277x497mm
  • Weight: 71Kg

Download Duplo DF-1000 Paper folding Machine Brochure

Duplo DF-1000 Paper folding Machine £P.O.A

Designed principally around the needs of the digital colour user but also suitable for folding short-run litho work, the Duplo DF-1000 is amongst the most technologically advanced suction fed paper folding machines on the market. Jobs are quickly setup with automatic sheet size detection and plate setting combining to streamline the make-ready process. The compact dimensions house the suction system thereby reducing noise and making it easy to accommodate in locations where space is limited.

Duplo DF-1000 adjustments

Suction Feed System

The suction feeder is a top-feeding system enabling the flawless and mark-free feeding of both litho and digital stocks. Coated and Art stocks are handled just as well as bond papers creating a versatile fNEWer for almost any job.

Duplo DF-1000 controlls

Fully Automatic Setup
The 2 fNEW plates automatically adjust based on the sheet length. The operator simply loads the paper, selects the desired fNEW style, chooses a quantity and the Duplo DF-1000 is ready to go.

Duplo DF-1000 1000 sheet stacker

Top Feeding 1000 Sheet Loading Tray

The loading tray can hNEW up to 1000 sheets and because it is a top-feeding system the user can be sure there will be no damage caused to the print during feeding.
This makes the Duplo DF-1000 particularly suitable for digital print.

Duplo DF-1000 batching shingle tray

Batching Shingle Exit Tray

The shingle exit tray allows on the run off-loading. The batching function briefly pauses the job at fixed intervals allowing the operator to off-load in precise sets.

Duplo DF-1000 FNEWs

5 Built-in folding Styles

The five most common folding styles are pre-programmed into the machine and will automatically setup based on the sheet length. In addition, the built-in memory enables custom fNEWs to be memorised for quick access.

Duplo DF-1000 paper folding machine

Fan Driven

Uniquely for a suction fNEWer, the Duplo DF-1000 uses a fan rather than a compressor. This means it is much quieter and because of the clever Duplo engineering, the fan is housed within the machine itself so there is no separate units or attachments.

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