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Duplo Paper folding Machines

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Duplo DF-915 Paper folding Machine

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Duplo DF-915 Paper folding Machine
  • Friction Feed
  • 400 sheet feed table
  • 13,800 sheets per hour
  • 40-240gsm stock
  • Paper sizes min 128x182mm (B6)
  • Paper sizes max 297x432mm (A3)
  • Dimensions (DxWxH) 524x1086x497mm
  • Weight: 43Kg

Download Duplo DF-915 Paper folding Machine Brochure

Duplo DF-915 Paper folding Machine £P.O.A

Duplo DF-915 Friction FNEWer

For any organisation demanding a reliable, high-speed, user-friendly automatic fNEWer the DF-915 provides an ideal solution. HNEWing up to 400 A3 sheets and folding at 230 sheets every minute, the performance is remarkable.

Intelligent paper guides sense standard paper sizes and adjust the six built-in fNEW modes to suit. The non-standard paper mode enables the operator to input the paper length which then automatically sets the standard fNEW modes as before. Custom fNEW configurations can also be stored in one of the two easily recalled memories.

The high capacity feed tray is simple to load and the stacker roller jogs the last document out of the machine for easy collection when the job is complete.

Duplo DF-915 Friction Feed System

Friction Feed System

The friction feed mechanism is most notable for its versatility and ability to handle virtually all grades of paper with consistency and crucially without any marking. It is specifically engineered to handle uncoated paper (eg office grade) but has proven to work with certain digital and coated paper too.

Duplo DF-915 Controlls

Fully Automatic Setup

The 2 fNEW plates automatically adjust based on the sheet length. Standard sheet sizes (A3,A4 etc) are automatically detected so the operator simply loads the paper, selects the desired fNEW style and the Duplo DF-915 is ready to go.

Duplo DF-915 FNEW Styles

6 Pre-programmed FNEW Styles

The six most common folding styles are pre-programmed into the machine and will automatically setup based on the sheet length.

In addition, the built-in memory enables custom fNEWs to be memorised for quick access.

Duplo DF-915 Top Feeding

Top Feeding 400 Sheet Loading

The loading tray can hNEW up to 400 sheets and because it is a top-feeding system the user can simply load the tray with a large stack, set the machine working and then focus attention on unloading on the run. There is no need to constantly top-up the feed pile.

Duplo DF-915 Cross FNEW

Cross folding

The DF-915 is even able to perform cross-fNEWs by running the job through the machine a second-time. The stack is simply loaded, the fNEW style selected, cross-fNEW tool enabled and the machine is ready to run.

Duplo DF-915 Hand Feed

folding of Pre-stapled Sets (Optional)

In office environments it is not uncommon for several sheets to be stapled together before distribution or posting.
The optional hand-feed kit enables pre-stapled A4 sets (up to 3 sheets) to be fNEWed together.

Duplo DF-915 Unloading


The delivery system is a shingle type which enables the operator to unload the machine on the run. The exit system is also very tidy so unloading is easy and documents are instantly ready for further processing such as inserting into envelopes or banding.

All Prices are Exclusive of VAT

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