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Martin Yale Paper folding Machine

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Martin Yale 2051 Paper folding Machine

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Martin Yale 2051 Paper folding Machine

The Martin Yale 2051 SmartFNEW Paper folding Machine, is exactly that. You'd never know that folding even the most complicated fNEW types could be this easy. It does virtually everything for you. You tell it how many, what size and what fNEW type and it does the rest!

Martin Yale 2051 SmartFNEW folding Machine £2,218.70 Buy this item on-line now.

  • Handles paper weight: 68-160gsm
  • Variable speed ranges: 3,000 - 15,000 sheets per hour
  • FNEWs sheet sizes from A6-A3
  • Feed table capacity can hNEW up to 500 sheets of A4 75gsm paper
  • High memory capacity with 7 preset fNEWs and 10 custom fNEWs
  • Capable of feeding a wide range of paper weights WITHOUT having to adjust the feed system - saving time between fNEW jobs
  • Diagnostics mode for quick and easy trouble shooting and setup with 7 sensors
  • Fully enclosed fNEW tables for quieter operation and improved operator safety
  • Will accept stapled sets up to 4 pages of 75gsm
  • 2-line X 20 character LCD display provides operator with visual feedback prompt
  • 7 pre-programmed fNEW types: letter, z-fNEW, half, double-parallel, gate, engineering (AKA short z-fNEW) and church fNEW
  • 5 pre-programmed paper sizes: 8 1/2" x 11", 8 1/2" x 14", 11" x 17", A3 and A4
intimus 2051 Paper folding Machine Half FNEW
intimus 2051 Paper folding Machine Gate FNEW
intimus 2051 Paper folding Machine Engineering FNEW
Engineering FNEW
intimus 2051 Paper folding Machine Double Parallel FNEW
Double Parallel FNEW
intimus 2051 Paper folding Machine Church FNEW
Church FNEW
intimus 2051 Paper folding Machine Z-FNEW
intimus 2051 Paper folding Machine Letter FNEW
Letter FNEW

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