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Desktop Guillotines

ABT Office Supplies Ltd Suppliers to the UK

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Sheet SizeSheet
TypeRRPABT Price
HSM CM 2606260A4 Short Edge60.8Desktop Guillotine£52.50£50.45
DAHLE 502320A4 Long, A3 Short Edge0.8mm1.2Desktop Guillotine£69.99£53.50
HSM CM 3206320A4 Long, A3 Short Edge60.9Desktop Guillotine£65.00£55.85
DAHLE 403330A4 Long, A3 Short Edge1mm1.8Desktop Guillotine£84.99£59.50
Acco Rexel ClassicCut CL100305A4 Long, A3 Short Edge101.1Desktop Guillotine£79.99£63.60
DAHLE 404460A3 Long, A2 Short Edge1mm2.4Desktop Guillotine£109.00£69.10
IDEAL 1133340A4 Long, A3 Short Edge152.5Desktop Guillotine£101.00P.O.A
DAHLE 533340A4 Long, A3 Short Edge1.5mm2.6Desktop Guillotine£139.00£81.10
Acco Rexel ClassicCut CL120460A3 Long, A2 Short Edge102.7Desktop Guillotine£120.99£84.45
Acco Rexel ClassicCut CL200310A4 Long, A3 Short Edge153.9Desktop Guillotine£140.99£89.22
IDEAL 1142430A3 Long, A2 Short Edge153Desktop Guillotine£135.30P.O.A
IDEAL 1134350A4 Long, A3 Short Edge254Desktop Guillotine£183.80P.O.A
HSM CM 3815380A4 Long, A3 Short Edge153.6Desktop Guillotine£175.00£104.00
DAHLE 534460A3 Long, A2 Short Edge1.5mm3.4Desktop Guillotine£199.00£105.10
HSM CA 3625360A4 Long, A3 Short Edge255.6Desktop Guillotine£205.00£117.05
DAHLE 560340A4 Long, A3 Short Edge2.5mm3.2Desktop Guillotine£229.00£117.10
HSM CM 4315430A3 Long, A2 Short Edge154.4Desktop Guillotine£205.00£117.50
Acco Rexel ClassicCut CL410390A4 Long, A3 Short Edge256Desktop Guillotine£214.99£120.30
HSM CA 3640360A4 Long, A3 Short Edge406.2Desktop Guillotine£268.00£144.50
IDEAL 1135350A4 Long, A3 Short Edge254.5Desktop Guillotine£289.90P.O.A
Acco Rexel ClassicCut CL420467A3 Long, A2 Short Edge258.2Desktop Guillotine£295.99£154.32
HSM CA 4640460A3 Long, A2 Short Edge407.6Desktop Guillotine£350.00£180.50
IDEAL 1038385A4 Long, A3 Short Edge509Desktop Guillotine£430.30P.O.A
IDEAL 1046460A3 Long, A2 Short Edge307.5Desktop Guillotine£429.30P.O.A
DAHLE 867460A3 Long, A2 Short Edge3.5mm13Desktop Guillotine£567.00£257.15
IDEAL 1058580A3 Long, A2 Short Edge4014Desktop Guillotine£627.20P.O.A
DAHLE 517550A3 Long, A2 Short Edge3.5mm14.5Desktop Guillotine£829.99£378.13
IDEAL 1071710A2 Long, A1 Short Edge4023Desktop Guillotine£845.40P.O.A
DAHLE 519700A2 Long, A1 Short Edge3.5mm24.3Desktop Guillotine£1,319.00£603.07

All Prices are Exclusive of VAT
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