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Rotary Trimmers

ABT Office Supplies Ltd Suppliers to the UK

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Sheet SizeSheet
TypeRRPABT Price
DAHLE 500250A4 Short Edge0.8mm0.95Rotary Trimmer£39.99£39.99
HSM T 2606260A4 Short Edge60.8Rotary Trimmer£45.25£39.99
DAHLE 507320A4 Long, A3 Short Edge0.8mm1.15Rotary Trimmer£44.99£43.50
DAHLE 508460A3 Long, A2 Short Edge0.6mm1.55Rotary Trimmer£49.99£45.50
HSM T 3206320A4 Long, A3 Short Edge60.9Rotary Trimmer£53.50£50.90
HSM TA 3200310A4 Long, A3 Short Edge60.6Rotary Trimmer£56.75£52.25
IDEAL 1030330A4 Long, A3 Short Edge60.7Rotary Trimmer£56.60P.O.A
Acco Rexel SmartCut Easy Blade A4320A4 Long, A3 Short Edge10Rotary Trimmer£65.49£57.51
HSM T 4606460A3 Long, A2 Short Edge61.2Rotary Trimmer£74.25£59.90
IDEAL 1031430A3 Long, A2 Short Edge60.9Rotary Trimmer£71.70P.O.A
Acco Rexel SmartCut A425Pro 4in1320A4 Long, A3 Short Edge101.3Rotary Trimmer£74.99£61.50
Acco Rexel SmartCut A445Pro 4in1473A3 Long, A2 Short Edge101.9Rotary Trimmer£91.49£68.43
Acco Rexel SmartCut Easy Blade A4 Plus320A4 Long, A3 Short Edge15Rotary Trimmer£91.49£68.43
RotaTrim MCA4340A4 Long, A3 Short Edge2mm?Rotary Trimmer£79.00£71.10
DAHLE 550360A4 Long, A3 Short Edge2.0mm2.9Rotary Trimmer£149.00£85.10
DAHLE 552510A3 Long, A2 Short Edge2.0mm3.6Rotary Trimmer£159.00£89.10
RotaTrim MCA3460A3 Long, A2 Short Edge2mm?Rotary Trimmer£100.00£90.00
DAHLE 554720A2 Long, A1 Short Edge2.0mm4.6Rotary Trimmer£179.00£97.10
DAHLE 440360A4 Long, A3 Short Edge3.5mm3.9Rotary Trimmer£179.99£97.50
Acco Rexel SmartCut A515Pro 3in1387A4 Long, A3 Short Edge304.2Rotary Trimmer£174.99£103.50
DAHLE 442510A3 Long, A2 Short Edge3.5mm4.7Rotary Trimmer£199.00£105.10
Acco Rexel SmartCut A525Pro 3in1465A3 Long, A2 Short Edge304.7Rotary Trimmer£201.99£114.84
RotaTrim M12305A4 Long, A3 Short Edge3mm4.9Rotary Trimmer£130.00£117.00
RotaTrim MCA2665A2 Long, A1 Short Edge2mm?Rotary Trimmer£135.00£121.50
DAHLE 556960A1 Long, A0 Short Edge1.0mm6.5Rotary Trimmer£249.00£125.10
DAHLE 444670A2 Long, A1 Short Edge3.0mm5.7Rotary Trimmer£249.00£125.10
RotaTrim M15382A4 Long, A3 Short Edge3mm5.3Rotary Trimmer£145.00£130.50
Acco Rexel SmartCut A535Pro 3in1615A2 Long, A1 Short Edge305.6Rotary Trimmer£246.99£133.74
DAHLE 446920A1 Long, A0 Short Edge2.5mm7.2Rotary Trimmer£299.00£145.10
DAHLE 5581300A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge0.7mm8.3Rotary Trimmer£299.00£145.10
RotaTrim M18455A3 Long, A2 Short Edge3mm6Rotary Trimmer£165.00£148.50
RotaTrim MCA1920A1 Long, A0 Short Edge1.5mm?Rotary Trimmer£170.00£153.00
HSM T 7220720A2 Long, A1 Short Edge205.5Rotary Trimmer£308.00£162.05
DAHLE 4481300A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge2.0mm9.5Rotary Trimmer£349.00£165.10
RotaTrim M24610A2 Long, A1 Short Edge3mm7.1Rotary Trimmer£200.00£180.00
RotaTrim MCA01240A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge1.0mm?Rotary Trimmer£210.00£189.00
HSM T 96101000A1 Long, A0 Short Edge107.3Rotary Trimmer£417.00£209.75
RotaTrim M30763A2 Long, A1 Short Edge3mm8.5Rotary Trimmer£245.00£220.50
HSM T 150071450A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge79.8Rotary Trimmer£490.00£244.44
RotaTrim M36914A1 Long, A0 Short Edge2mm8.9Rotary Trimmer£280.00£252.00
RotaTrim M421068A1 Long, A0 Short Edge1.5mm10.5Rotary Trimmer£330.00£297.00
RotaTrim M541374A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge1.5mm12Rotary Trimmer£390.00£351.00
RotaTrim T650650A2 Long, A1 Short Edge4mm9.4Rotary Trimmer£415.00£373.50
RotaTrim T950950A1 Long, A0 Short Edge4mm11.6Rotary Trimmer£480.00£432.00
RotaTrim DT 15501550A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge0.75mm15Rotary Trimmer£500.00£450.00
IDEAL 01351350A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge0.8mm32Rotary Trimmer£555.50P.O.A
RotaTrim T12501250A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge4mm13.8Rotary Trimmer£565.00£508.50
RotaTrim DT 185018502A0 Long, 4A0 Short Edge0.75mm17Rotary Trimmer£600.00£540.00
IDEAL 01551550A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge0.8mm35Rotary Trimmer£631.30P.O.A
RotaTrim T15501550A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge4mm16Rotary Trimmer£670.00£603.00
RotaTrim DT 250025004A0 Long Edge +0.75mm21Rotary Trimmer£800.00£720.00
RotaTrim T185018502A0 Long, 4A0 Short Edge4mm18.1Rotary Trimmer£840.00£756.00
RotaTrim T250025004A0 Long Edge +4mm23Rotary Trimmer£1,160.00£1,044.00
RotaTrim PT650650A2 Long, A1 Short Edge4mm24.3Rotary Trimmer£2,000.00£1,800.00
RotaTrim PT950950A1 Long, A0 Short Edge4mm26.8Rotary Trimmer£2,120.00£1,908.00
RotaTrim PT12501250A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge4mm29Rotary Trimmer£2,240.00£2,016.00
RotaTrim PT15501550A0 Long, 2A0 Short Edge4mm33.3Rotary Trimmer£2,360.00£2,124.00
RotaTrim PT185018502A0 Long, 4A0 Short Edge4mm35.9Rotary Trimmer£2,480.00£2,232.00
RotaTrim PT250025004A0 Long Edge +4mm41Rotary Trimmer£3,050.00£2,745.00

All Prices are Exclusive of VAT
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